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Workplace Innovation Forum 2019, Boston

February 28th | 5pm - 8pm
Venue: Lenox Hotel

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People, Places and Technology; The Evolution of the Workplace


Be inspired by some of the leading industry experts and thought leaders at our upcoming Workplace Innovation Forum Boston.

These global forums will provide you with insight into the latest workplace trends, innovations and technological developments that are revolutionizing the workplace.

We hope you can join us for an evening of insight, inspiration and lively discussion.

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Join us for pre-event networking & refreshments with our panel of industry experts and delegates. 

Martin Brooker, CSO, Condeco welcome & introduction to delegates and panel of industry experts

Tory Holmwood, CTS, Enterprise Account Executive, New Era Technology 

We live in a diverse corporate world. With five generations making up the workforce and a massive shift to adaptable working conditions, including a rise in the remote workforce, the importance of a consistent communication experience has never been so high within the UC and UX industries.

Technology in collaborative spaces is no longer an afterthought or a “nice to have,” but instead a necessary tool for companies to gain a greater understanding of their workforce. Capturing the raw data of room and component utilization and providing proper data analytics to inform your business practices is at the heart of marrying the differing communication styles and getting the most out of your diverse workforce.

Properly aligned technology and platforms allow the data to shape the end user experience and provides the right information for future planning and build-outs, ultimately leading to a very high return on investment.

Michael Gresty, CEO Rifiniti

Companies today are experiencing transformation in space utilization usage unlike we’ve never witnessed before. Growing popularity of remote work and co-working, as well as a rise in M&A activity, lease expirations and corporate divestures, is leaving vacant a growing number of workstations. Far too many organizations continue, on average, to utilize as little as 40% of available capacity.

Fortunately, the greater availability of rich workplace data analytics is making it possible for organizations to rethink the way they design and allocate physical workspace, including private offices, open-plan seating and conference rooms.

Real estate costs account for the biggest corporate expenditure after salaries, and companies are seeking innovative solutions to help them achieve better capacity planning and conference room rationalization.

By strategically planning for capacity changes using granular metrics based on KPIs such as employee space utilization, attendance, mobility and meeting space use, companies like Cisco and Lenovo are rightsizing the number of coveted conference rooms and work points provisioned, reducing costs, empowering employees and boosting engagement

Martin Brooker, CSO Condeco

The next generation workplace is redefining how we work, collaborate and communicate. Many organisations want to become more agile and effective in the way they provide workspace to their staff, and provide a great employee experience, whilst continued cost pressures mean that they need to get more out of their space. In this presentation we look at some of the trends that drive our client’s workplace strategy in 2019 and how our teams of designers and technologists are responding with new product features and ideas.


This is an opportunity for the audience to question our panel of industry experts on what they have discussed over the course of the evening.

Join us for networking and drinks where you can further the discussion with our panel of industry experts and delegates.

Lenox Hotel

61 Exeter Street,
Boston, MA 02116
United States

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